Fan Review: David Nail

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Fan Review: David Nail

DavidNail - CountryMusicIsLove

Two of our readers, Jackie and Courtney, along with their sisters and friends, took in David Nail’s concert over the weekend and were anxious to write a review to tell everyone how great his show was! Jackie and Courtney were lucky enough to hang out with David after the show talking about life, music, and Twitter! Read below to share in the girls’ fun night…

After seeing a few shows, buying his cd and falling in love with his lyrics, David Nail is easily one of our “new” favorite country stars to hit the stage this past year! We've been fortunate to meet him a few times after seeing a couple of his shows. It was no surprise that when we heard he was going to be playing in Sacramento that we would go see him.

David Nail - CountryMusicIsLove

Once again (as expected) he brought it! HE CAME, HE SANG AND HE CONQUERED! The voice coming through the speakers is always as amazing as the lyrics to his songs. The crowd was loving every second of the show as they sang back “Red Light” as well as many other songs off of his debut album. You could tell that when he was singing up there on that stage that he was just living in the moment and loving it! It was awesome to see him react to the people that are responding so well to his music. He had so much energy and we really felt like he gave it his all! Our only complaint is that his set seemed to end so quickly (as it tends to when you're having a blast)! 🙂

DavidNail -CountryMusicIsLove

After the show, we were lucky enough to get a chance to chat with him. He went on to tell us that this had been the “best show ever this far in my short career!” He said that it was neat to see people singing his songs back at him. For us it was really cool to hear the stories behind some of the songs and the thought process that is put into what he's doing. David Nail is truly an amazing artist and we will continue to support him and his music for as long as he is putting out albums.

DavidNail- CountryMusicIsLove

With that being said, if you get the chance to see David, we highly suggest that you don't miss it! You should probably also go out today and pick up a copy of his CD, I'm About To Come Alive. It will most likely end up on repeat as is ours!