Fan Review Of Gary Allan Concert

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Fan Review Of Gary Allan Concert

Jessica recently saw Gary Allan’s concert at the House of Blues and was nice enough to send along some pictures and a review of the show. In her review, Jessica states what we’ve heard from sooo many Gary fans – that he doesn’t get nearly the recognition that he deserves! Check out her review…

Last Wednesday I was able to attend Gary Allan’s first date of his new “Get Off
On The Pain Tour.” Many of the dates of his new tour are held at the House Of
Blues venues across the US, which Gary personally loves. The venue is small and
intimate and as a “Highway Junkie” who follows Gary around the country I would
have to say this is my favorite type of venue as well. He seems more open, laid
back, and even more of a great guy.

House of Blues had a special pass that you could obtain by buying at least
fifteen dollars worth of merchandise in the store or food in the restaurant and
you could jump in a line that was let into the venue before the rest of the
general admission ticket holders. (However, unfortunate for those who had no

As soon as the doors opened my friend Kylie and I ran as fast as we could up the
steps to the left side of the stage, where my favorite band member, Levi plays.

Jess - CountryMusicIsLove

The name of this show was “An Evening with Gary Allan” and he had NO opener. It
was AWESOME! During this show they were being filmed the whole time (and earlier
in the day during soundcheck) for a live DVD and GAC special. We stood in our
spots for about an hour and then… THE MAN!!

GaryAllan - CountryMusicIsLove

Gary opened up with “Get Off On The Pain” it is the title of his album due out
in January and the song suits Gary very well. She’s So California was next and
always goes well with the girls singing along. Many enjoy the hit “Nothing On
But the Radio” and sing back the words to “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” without
skipping a beat! During “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” someone through up a
bottle of whiskey which Gary made a nice grab and took a sip straight out of the
bottle.Gary then told the crowd about how Billy Currington was actually the
opener for him when the tornado struck their set in Canada and how it destroyed
everything they had. Gary also told the story on his new “Wife”/guitar, he met a
man off of Ebay that was selling it and sat in the back of his pickup playing it
until he decided it was the one. The band left the set and left Gary to play an
acoustic “Right Where I Need to Be.” He also sang his new single “Today” Call
your local radio station today & request it!! : ). Some of the highlights of the
show for me were when he came out and said “Since we are filming a live DVD we
HAVE to do ‘Smoke Rings'” and finally played “Smoke Rings In The Dark” for the
first time in a long time. During “Like Its A Bad Thing” we “had a moment” as I
like to say as we sang (me and Gary that is ; ). ) He looked right at me and
sang for a few minutes smiled and through me his pick. … Maybe it’s because he
knows who I am though! Although, Gary does have very good eye contact during the
shows and continues to please many of his fans, especially live.

Gary Allan - CountryMusicIsLove

GaryAllan -CountryMusicIsLove

GaryAllan- CountryMusicIsLove

Gary Allan might not get as much recognition in Nashville, but I can guarantee
you he puts on a hell of a show. This being my eighth Gary Allan concert within
a year I would definitely recommend attending one of these House of Blues
venues. It changes the atmosphere of the show and makes it twenty times more
exciting than usual, maybe that is because I LOVE a general admission show.

Gary is touring through December be sure to check him out!

Thanks for sharing your review Jessica – we know there are tons of Gary Allan fans out there reading who are glad to hear about the show!