Fan Story- Erin & Katie Armiger

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Fan Story- Erin & Katie Armiger

We got an email from Erin who saw Katie Armiger in concert last month. Read her story below.

Kaite armiger

I stumbled across a concert at the Montgomery Mall last month. I got there around 11:15am and while I was waiting for my friends to get there, I heard music. I didn’t know where it was coming fromm so I followed it and found the show. I stood there for a bit and enjoyed myself while listening to Katie talk and sing. I found out that there were 2 shows that day and I decided to go back home after the first one to get my camera so all these photos are from show #2. She have a killer voice and she is so sweet!

This was her set list:

17 In Abilene
Break Yours First
I Guess That’s Love
Pop Medley (She sang: I Think Were Alone Now, My Life Would Suck Without You, Girlfriend and Hot N’ Cold)
That’s Why
Trial Of Lies

Katie Armiger

katie Armiger

She was semi chatty but she mainly sang because she only had an hour. It was totally worth it- she was so sweet when I got around to meeting her for the second time, I only got a photo with her. I decided to get a hugging photo and after we took it she said I was the first person to ask for a hugging photo at a mall event so I got a high five and a “Right On” for that!

Erin & Katie Armiger