Fan Story- Gracie, Sarah, & The Carter Twins

Fan Story- Gracie, Sarah, & The Carter Twins

We have another Carter Twins fan story to share with you! Other artists need to start getting tips from the Carter Twins because they are AWESOME to their fans!

Here’s Gracie’s story…

My parents got tickets the the CMA Fest for my 15th birthday this past summer because I had been mentioning how many great new acts would be there. We went in 2008 also, and had a ton of fun! I invited my friend, Sarah, and we were SO excited to meet bands like Love and Theft, Eli Young Band, and especially the Carter Twins. We both have loved them since last winter and we wanted to meet them before they got to be famous!!

The week before we were going to leave, Sarah broke her leg and told me and my parents that she wouldn’t be able to go. We were so upset but I promised Sarah I’d bring her something back from the twins. (I didn’t tell her, but secretly, my goal was to have them talk to her on the phone. I had no clue how I would do it, but I was going to make it happen!)


I made a point to make it to their CMT booth signing on Saturday during the festival. My family and I set out 4 hours of our day to wait in line and meet them. We had no idea how many people would be waiting in line, so we began waiting about an hour early. I was so upset that I didn’t get a ticket because I wanted to meet them SO bad. My mom and I waited in the hopeful line while my sister and dad went to walk around and meet other people. My dad came back and said, “They just told us there is no way they are getting to the hopeful line. You’re gonna need a ticket to meet them!” I got really upset and started crying… then my dad asked me to tie his shoe, and I looked down and there was a ticket in his shoe!!! He had gotten an extra from a nice lady waiting in line. IT WAS AMAZING! So we all moved our stuff into the ticket line and were waiting with about 15 other people for about 20 minutes. Then all of the sudden I looked up and said to myself, “oh there’s Josh” and once I realized what I had said I FLIPPED OUT! Josh Carter was standing at the front of the line holding the “Cater Twins 2-5 PM” sign!!! He took the sign and started walking around the convention center with it. All I could think was that it was my only chance to get him to talk to Sarah! I’m normally a REALLY shy person and my parents always tell me how I need to be more assertive when it comes to meeting stars and asking for autographs….


Apparently the Carter Twins had a large enough effect on me that I forgot about my shyness! I ran after Josh at full speed. On my way, while chasing him around the hall (he didn’t know I was chasing him), I called Sarah and she didn’t pick up. I decided to leave a message and I told her that she wouldn’t believe it but I was walking next to Josh. I caught up to him and he took my phone from me and left her a message. It was incredible! He said that if she called back to find him and he would talk to her. When I was walking back to the line with him, Sarah called back! She hadn’t listened to the message yet and asked why I had called. All I could say was “listen to the message!!!” Before she hung up Josh came over and took the phone from me and asked if it was her. I said yes and he talked to her for a few minutes. Before that Josh had introduced me to Zach!! (Like I didn’t know who he was 🙂 !!!!) I talked to Zach while Josh talked to Sarah on the phone. I got his autograph and then Josh came over and gave Zach the phone. Zach talked to her and I was in shock by that point and just watched. I couldn’t believe he was holding my phone!!!!!



Once it was all over I waited in line and met them at the booth. I got a few more autographs but forgot about the page that only had Zach’s signature. I realized once I was already out of the building that I forgot to get Josh’s! I wanted to give that one to Sarah because it was from when they were talking to her so I set up a plan to meet them again on Sunday.


The Carter Twins were at the Sommet Stage on Sunday. My dad and I went and when we got there, there were two empty seats “waiting for us” right in the center! The Carter Twins came out and set up all of their gear by themselves and we got a ton of pictures during that! By the time they began playing I felt like I’d already seen a show. I have to say, before they played my dad wasn’t sure how he would like their music. By the end, he said that they were his favorite new act that we’d seen! And he’s a tough critic! They played a great set and by the end of it there was a huge crowd gathered behind the seats and off to the sides of the stage. After the show I had my autograph book open to the page that had Zach’s signature on it. My dad and I and some other people waited by the fence where they and their band would have to exit. Josh went all the way down the line and was so kind to everybody. I was the last person in line and when he came he signed for me and we got a picture.

I came home and gave Sarah everything I brought home for her and she freaked out when I handed her the autograph. It was so cool! The phone call that they talked to her on is still in my recent calls list on my phone, and I get excited every time I look at it! Sarah also still has the message saved on her phone. It was so cool how excited they seemed to be about their fans and they were both so nice to everyone and really took the time to hang out with everybody. I can’t wait to see them in concert again and to hopefully meet them- with Sarah (hopefully)!!!!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH Josh and Zach, We both will never forget what you did for us!!!!!