Fan Story~ Jordan, Chuck Wicks, & Julianne Hough

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Fan Story~ Jordan, Chuck Wicks, & Julianne Hough

One of our readers, Jordan, had the chance to see Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough over the weekend. She has a GREAT story! Chuck graduated from her high school back in 1997 and he came back for a homecoming show this weekend…Here’s a short version of her review. To read the entire story, visit Jordan’s Chuck Wicks Fan Site (& add it on MySpace!)

(Chuck trying to “break in” to Jordan’s locker! Too funny!)

This past Saturday night, the 24th, Chuck Wicks came home to his hometown Smyrna, DE to have a “hometown benefit concert”. He performed in the auditorium of the high school he graduated from, Smyrna High School. All proceeds that were made, went to the Boys & Girls Club of Smyrna, DE. Before the concert began, Chuck presented the Boys & Girls club with a $25,000 check. That does not include the money that will be raised in an auction that our local radio station 94.7 WDSD is helping out with and anything that was raised after the concert during the meet & greet. After he gave away the check, Smyrna’s mayor presented Chuck with the key to the city. He was completely shocked but very excited to get this. Then for the next hour and half Chuck performed and also his girlfriend Julianne Hough performed as well. She performed 3 songs in the middle of Chuck’s set. After the concert, Julianne and Chuck did a meet & greet with everyone in the school gym. No one thought the meet & greet would last as long as it did. The meet & greet lasted a little over 4 hours. Chuck and Julianne kept the same energy from the first person to the last person, no matter how tired they were. Smyrna really appreciates everything Chuck did for us. We know that no matter what, he didn’t forget where he came from and he still loves his hometown. Smyrna loves Chuck Wicks!

(Jordan & Chuck)

(Julianne, Jordan, & Chuck)

Thanks for sharing your story Jordan!

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