Fan Story – Kaitlin & The Carter Twins

Fan Story – Kaitlin & The Carter Twins

Remember how Courtney got to hang out with the Carter Twins at their post-show bus party on the Fourth of July? Well it seems that the party didn’t stop there! The Carter Twins are still inviting fans onto the bus and another one of our readers, Kaitlin, got to hang out with Josh and Zach just the other night! Here’s her story…


Saturday night my friend Lacey and I went to Houston to see the Carter Twins and Eli Young Band. The concert was so so so awesome! We met up with our new friends Maggie and Mollie from Louisiana! We had a blast together!

Now on to the AMAZING part.

So the Carter Twins had their normal contest where you send them a message on Twitter to enter to go to their bus party before the show. We were supposed to get messages on Thursday telling us if we won passes. The four of us never got messages about the bus party… but… we got better. Haha.

So we were waiting at the front of the stage before the show and Josh and Mr. Carter came out and Maggie, the quick thinker she is, took out her folder she had and said “we should make a sign!” She pulled out her sharpie while Lacey and I tore the folder and then Lacey wrote “why aren’t we on the bus? we twittered!” and they saw it and smiled and Josh said “I don’t know!” Then later during the actual show Maggie held it up and Zach luckily read it and said into the microphone in front of everyone, “You can come on the bus.” So after the show we went to them and asked if they were serious, and they told us they were. Then, after we went through their meet and greet line, Maggie and I went and asked their dad about it while Lacey and Mollie went and met Eli Young Band. He told us we could, but that it was probably only going to be for a few minutes, but we didn’t care how long it was as long as we got to go. So we got to go on the bus and ended up getting to hang out for 30-40 minutes. It felt like we had all been best friends for forever. It was SO awesome! I still can’t believe it! They are THE sweetest, most amazing guys in the WORLD, and I miss them majorly!


Congrats Kaitlin – sounds like an amazing night! Thanks for sharing your story with us!