Five Questions with Josh Thompson

Five Questions with Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson - CountryMusicIsLove

Country hitmaker Josh Thompson is back with a brand new single and a new album on the way. The Wisconsin native found a new home with Show Dog – Universal Music last year and is more than ready for fans to hear what he’s been working on.

“Cold Beer With Your Name On It,” his first single with the new label, was released to iTunes on July 23 and officially goes to country radio on August 5.

We recently caught up with Josh Thompson to talk about his new music and his upcoming tour. See what he had to say below.

Five Questions with Josh Thompson

CMIL: How did you stumble upon the song, “Cold Beer With Your Name On It?”

JT: It’s actually the only outside song that I cut. In the songwriting world, I’ve got a bunch of friends that not only are songwriters, but song pluggers and publishers. Just song lovers, so we trade them often. We’ll email the newest song that came in. This one came in, in an email from a friend of mine and her writers had written it, I believe, that week. It was just a work tape, just a guitar vocal and I listened to it a couple times. My first initial reaction was, ‘This really sounds like a hit. I bet it’d sound great with a full band behind it,’ so I sent it around my camp and label and everybody had the same reaction as me.

CMIL: It doesn’t sound like it from the title, but the song is essentially a love song…would you agree?

JT: Lyrically it is different from the title. It’s a love song in a ‘missing-you-kind-of-slightly heartbroken’ song. It’s just set in a really cool scene. It’s that whole thing that really made it stand out to me.

CMIL: It’s been a few years since your last album was released. Do you feel better prepared going into this one since you had a lot of time to work on it?

JT: I do. I think songwriting is something that I always work on. I’m up late at dusk trying to write songs and it’s something that I do even in my free time. This definitely was not as much of a process as it normally would be because of the fact that there was so much time in between. I heard two thousand great outside songs and I’d written four hundred songs and had a chance to play them out live and get crowd reactions. It made the process a lot easier.

CMIL: You’re heading out on tour with Justin Moore and Randy Houser this fall. What about the tour are you looking forward to most?

JT: It is going to be a blast. I’m friends with both of those guys. I’ve know both of them for years. A lot of times artists will be on tour together and barely see each other, if ever. It’s going to be a great hang. I’m really honored to be a part of it ’cause it is going to be a great show.

CMIL: It sounds like a great opportunity to do some songwriting with Justin and Randy. Do you think that will happen on the road?

JT: I’m hoping. I always try to fall on a tour with a bunch of… especially these guys because they’re both songwriters. I try to make it a point to sit down [and write] a couple times and see what we can do.

Fans can keep up with Josh Thompson on Facebook and Twitter. His new single “Cold Beer With Your Name On It” is available HERE.