For Our John Michael Carroll Fans!

For Our John Michael Carroll Fans!

Jason Michael Carroll just released a video for his new single, “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead.” The song rocks! It’s upbeat and fun to sing along with. The video captures JMC’s sense of humor (reminds us of something Brad Paisley would do!) Love the part when the fat guy face plants on the floor! Too funny!

We saw him at the CMA Fest and he was great! We weren’t fans before we saw him live, but after seeing him on stage, we totally changed our minds. We’d still like to see him cut his hair, but we know some of you ladies out there totally dig the hair, so we won’t hold it against him!!

We were chatting online earlier about the song and had a very¬†interesting conversation…

Erin: We should ask people what he says in that song, ya know the part “you’re gonna hear my…”
Lauren: He says “you’re gonna hear my V8.”

Erin: “His V8 what?”

Lauren: His ENGINE, ya know? A V8 engine?

Erin: I know it’s an engine, but what “you’re gonna hear my V8…”

Lauren: SING he says “you’re gonna hear my V8 SING”

Erin: An engine doesn’t SING.

Lauren: His does.

Anyways, check out the new video over at and let us know what you think!