Gary Allan To Release New Studio Album, ‘Set You Free,’ January 22

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Gary Allan To Release New Studio Album, ‘Set You Free,’ January 22

Multi-platinum MCA Nashville artist Gary Allan is scheduled to release Set You Free on January 22, 2012. The album (originally slated for a March release) was moved up two months due to the overwhelming response to the album’s lead single, “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain).”

With his new studio album, Set You Free, Allan raised the bar by taking a number of risks. Allan changed both the way he writes and records music. He co-wrote five of the tracks on the album, played guitar on the album for the first time in his career and recorded a portion of the album with his road band. Allan took to the studio in a new way co-producing three songs with Mark Wright, co-producing four songs with Greg Droman and with Jay Joyce who produced five songs of his own for the album.

Set You Free is a classic Gary Allan album, soulful one moment and raucous the next. Throughout the album Allan’s voice brings to life the ups and downs of love, relationships and rebirth with a renewed sense of passion.

“When you read the song titles it reads like a breakup,” Allan tells CountryMusicIsLove. “The very first song is ‘Tough Goodbye’ and the very last song is ‘Good As New.’ It kind of walks you through anger, whiskey, healing process, and all the different steps until you’re good.”

1.“Tough Goodbye” – Josh Thompson/Tony Martin (Produced by Jay Joyce)
2. “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)”- Gary Allan/Matt Warren/Hillary Lindsey (Produced by Allan/Droman)
3. “Bones” – Keith Gattis (Produced by Allan/Droman)
4. “It Ain’t The Whiskey” – Greg Barnhill/Jim Daddario/Cole Degges (Produced by Jay Joyce)
5. “Sand In My Soul” – The Warren Brothers/Blair Daily (Produced by Allan/Droman)
6. “You Without Me” – Gary Allan/John Lancaster/Rachel Proctor (Produced by Allan/Droman)
7. “One More Time” – Gary Allan/Matt Warren/Hillary Lindsey (Produced by Jay Joyce)
8. “Hungover Heart” – Matt Warren/James LeBlanc (Produced by Allan/Wright)
9. “No Worries” – Gary Allan/Odie Blackmon/Pat McLaughlin (Produced by Allan/Wright)
10. “Drop” – Joel Shewmake/ Bruce Wallace/Brian White (Produced by Jay Joyce)
11. “Pieces” – Gary Allan/Odie Blackman /Sarah Buxton (Produced Jay Joyce)
12. “Good As New” – Pat McLaughlin/ Billy Burnette (Produced by Allan/Wright)

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