Gloriana Contest Winners

Gloriana Contest Winners


Thanks to everyone who entered the Gloriana cd contest. We had more than 170 entries!

We enjoyed reading through all of your “Wild At Heart” stories. (It was really hard to pick just one winner!) The autographed Gloriana album goes to…Lauren!

Here’s why she’s “Wild At Heart…”

I have a dream, and some might say it’s pretty intense for a sixteen year old girl, but I really don’t care. It was about a year ago when I first took my seat on a quad (which, if you’re unaware, it’s a type of four-wheeled vehicle sometimes used for racing) and I absolutely fell in love with the ride. As I went faster, I felt as if nothing could stop me. And after about five hours of such a thrill, I knew I wanted to race. I told my parents, and they’re a bit skeptical about this goal of mine. Especially my mother, who is absolutely terrified, but I’m really not afraid. I tried different things, such as Karting on tracks and such. And the thing is… I actually have both a passion and a knack for it as well. Once my parents realized this, they started to become a little more skeptical. So now I’m saving money for Driving School and I really want to set out to do this. Most people tell me it’s a stupid dream, but to me it’s not just a dream. It’s a vision that I want to make possible for myself. I have never wanted to do anything so much in my life, and I think that makes me pretty wild at heart.

Each of the following people will receive a regular copy of the album:





We sent everyone an e-mail, so be sure to send us your address ASAP so we can get the cds sent out to you.

For those of you who didn’t win, get out there and get your copy of Gloriana’s debut album today! Most stores have it for just $7.98. It’s definitely worth it!