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Written by SLN Staff Writer
Heidi Newfield Blogs

Heidi Newfield updated her fans on her MySpace about getting over the holidays, a new single, & more…

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas holiday with family and friends. I surely did! Some of my family came to Nashville from Northern California and my husband’s family from

North Carolina. We had quite a house full…but it was truly wonderful! We all ate entirely too much and drank a lot of “nogg” and enjoyed the spirit of the season. Just being together

and spending quality time with loved ones, made me feel all the more blessed. I have begun that yearly ritual…you know, the one where you begin to look back on the past year and ask yourself if you are on the right path…So far, so good…but i’ll let ya know the outcome after the 1st of the new year.

The new single is, officially, Cry Cry (till the sun shines). So don’t be afraid to call your radio station and ask for it…it’s brand new, so be persistent. I thank you and appreciate your love and support. Can’t wait to get back after it in 2009 and see you at the shows. Good things are in store for this coming year..I can feel it!

With that…I wish you a 2009 filled with more love and happiness than you could hope for!

All my best,