Heidi Newfield Files for Divorce

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Heidi Newfield Files for Divorce

Heidi Newfield announced today, via her official website, that she has filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, Bill Johnson. Along with the announcement, the “Johnny & June” singer posted the following message to fans:

I never thought I’d be sitting here on the road, writing out my thoughts and comments regarding the end of my marriage. It is a very difficult and strange place to be. Obviously, I thought I was entering into a life-long partnership with my best friend, that we would celebrate the good times and work to make it through whatever tough times we may face in our future.

Sadly, from the beginning, our marriage was never quite what it seemed on the surface. We always looked good on paper. The successful country songstress, who came from nothin’ but horse rich and cash poor….to making my way in this business and building solid work relationships and dear friends, to the successful sports agent who is gregarious, good looking, and fun. It seemed to make sense. I waited to give my heart away…knowing I wanted to be a mother and a good wife. His timing was different …and I tried. I can look myself in the mirror, put my hand on a Bible, or even talk to our Mothers up in heaven…and feel like I really tried. I gave it my best. Now, my best is best served by being true to myself. I still believe in love and I still want to believe in what marriage stands for…

I ask for the understanding, patience, and kindness from my fans and friends out there….as we go through this difficult time. Please allow us to heal…

This journey I am on is FAR from over…and through these ups and downs, I strive to learn be a better person, a better friend, and a better artist. They say the best songs come out of heart break. Well….if that’s true. My best is damn sure yet to come.

This will not be one of those divorces where it becomes a reality show…neither on TV or here in print. Just because he is a good man, doesn’t make him a good partner. Things look a certain way in public….but behind closed doors, one can never tell or judge, and all I can say to that is, EVERYONE deserves to be loved and appreciated.

I will not publicly place blame for the demise of our marriage. That is never fair, nor does the real truth come from it. I choose to simply say…I am sad, I’ve been sad, I’m tired of feeling sad and it’s time to move to the light. I wish happiness for both of us.

Music, writing, my co-writers, and the fans who invest the time to listen and enjoy the shows….you help heal my broken soul. So, thank you. You haven’t even realized how much you’ve been saving me.


Newfield and Johnson have no children and no decision has been made on if anyone will remain in their shared home in Franklin, Tennessee.