Jake Owen Opens Up About Married Life

Jake Owen Opens Up About Married Life

So far 2012 has been a pretty big year both professionally and personally for Jake Owen. In addition to earning his second No.1 single with “Alone With You,” the singer wed longtime girlfriend Lacey Buchanan after being engaged for just one month. Then, less than four weeks later, Jake embarked on the “Brothers of the Sun” Tour with superstars Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.

Jake’s impromptu engagement and surprise wedding left many fans wondering if he had rushed into things, but Jake had his reasons.

“With this tour starting with Kenny and Tim, I said, ‘Babe, if we don’t [get married] this year, I’m going to be busy all throughout next year,’ ” Owen explained to People. “Lacey was just like, ‘Let’s just do it now.’ “

So they did. They only downside of it was that they didn’t have much time to celebrate their nuptials. “We haven’t gone on our honeymoon,” he revealed.

Instead of going on a honeymoon right away, Jake is bringing Lacey along with him on tour. While it may not sound too glamorous, Jake admits it has its perks.

“I love having her out there,” Jake tells The Boot. “It’s awesome. When you get married to someone, you marry them because they’re your best friend and you share your life with them. What’s better than having your best friend go everywhere with you? The other thing is, most people who are married don’t have a chance to get out and travel, because their lives keep them where their jobs are. My job takes me around the country, to beautiful, awesome places, so it’s like every week, we’re on vacation. And we get to see Kenny and Tim every day, and Grace Potter.”

The new Mrs. Owen is enjoying married life too. “I love it,” she told CMT earlier this month. “It’s just better. Because when you think about when you were younger, and about how you’d hang out with the guy you liked, then you’d have to go home. Now I get to go home with Jake. And it’s like a sleepover every night.”

When they newlyweds aren’t on the road, they will be enjoying their new home together. That’s right – Lacey’s 2.5-carat diamond ring isn’t the only big purchase Jake’s made recently. While celebrating his recent No.1 single earlier this week Jake revealed that he and Lacey have recently purchased a house together.

“With a wife, a house, and things to do, my priorites are quite different,” Owen told Billboard.

It sounds like Jake and Lacey are living in wedded bliss!