James Wesley Proves The Show Must Go On

Written by SLN Staff Writer
James Wesley Proves The Show Must Go On

James Wesley had a show lined up this past Thursday, February 24 in Kansas City at Denim and Diamonds for KBEQ. On the way, a major snowstorm hit the city making the roads slick. The storm took Kansas City residents by surprise, but even as travel became impossible, James Wesley, determined to make the show on time, braved the dangerous weather. The storm would eventually drop 10 inches of hard-packed snow over a 12-hour period.

KBEQ's Music Director TJ McEntire, who scheduled the show and tried to brave the conditions but could not make it, was impressed with Wesley's devotion saying, “What a crazy Thursday in Kansas City! Neither blizzard or sleet kept James Wesley from performing for brave Q fans at Denim and Diamonds in the middle of a dangerous storm!” McEntire continues, “He rocked it! What a trooper! He had so much fun he played twice! Thanks James Wesley! You are a true PRO!”

Many roads were closed on the way to the venue, because city snowplows could not keep up with the massive storm. Even through detours and icy conditions, as Wesley approached the parking lot to Denim and Diamonds, he was welcomed by some of his die-hard fans waiting for his picture and autograph.

In spite of the weather, Wesley performed not one, but two sets to make up for those that showed up late due to the snowstorm. Afterwards, Wesley helped push out a fan's car that had driven over a snowed covered median in the parking lot.

Wesley explains, “I never want to disappoint fans especially knowing some traveled hours to come and see me play, even with the snow and ice! I will never forget this show. What an experience! I am glad nobody got hurt and we all had a great time!”

Wesley’s current single, “Real,” has reached Top 25 on the radio charts and has climbed to the # 22 spot this week.