Jamey Johnson- Nominated For Three Grammys!

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Jamey Johnson- Nominated For Three Grammys!

Jamey Johnson has had a great year! He was just nominated for THREE Grammy Awards and his album, That Lonsome Song, was named iTunes #1 country album of 2008.

AOL’s “The Boot” sat down with Jamey to chat about his album, his songwriting, and more! In the interview, he talks about radio not playing songs because they are “too country” and says that he welcomes crossovers…

Jamey tells The Boot, “Everybody who comes to Nashville has the right to chase their dream. I don’t like it when somebody steps in my way and tells me that I’m not allowed to chase mine. I’m not going to do that to other people. I’m not going to tell someone they don’t belong on country radio. If your dream crashed in L.A. and sent you to Nashville, welcome aboard! Come on down here and let’s put a band together. If fans love it, they’ll let you know. If they don’t love it, they’ll let you know that, too!”

It’s a great interview, click HERE to check it out.