Jaron & The Long Road To Love Plays Not-So-Funny Practical Joke

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Jaron & The Long Road To Love Plays Not-So-Funny Practical Joke

Jaron Lowenstein, better known to country fans as Jaron & The Long Road To Love, played a practical joke last week that some people didn’t find all that humorous. While at an awards dinner in Pennsylvania that was also attended by the Harrisburg Senators baseball team, Jaron spotted the unattended uniform for the team’s mascot, Rascal. Knowing that he was heading to local country radio station the following morning, Jaron took the mascot’s uniform, all in good fun. Or so he thought.

Once the uniform was discovered missing, local police were called and media outlets were notified to publicize the theft, valued at $5,000. Upon entering the radio station offices the next morning wearing the uniform, Jaron surprised the staff who were unaware that he had taken it. The radio station got in touch with the baseball team’s management and arranged the safe return of the suit.

“Sometimes we don’t think too far in advance, but it’s all in good fun,” Jaron said. “We need to not take ourselves so seriously. It’s just a stuffed animal.”

Although he “would have rather Jaron didn’t take it,” team Assistant General Manager Aaron Margolis agrees that all’s well that ends well. “I would have rather spared everyone those emotions, but Rascal is back at the field and safe so it’s no problem.” Margolis continued to say that no charges would be filed against Jaron and that he looks forward to working with the country artist in the future.