Jimmy Wayne Breaks Foot 5 Miles From MMH Finish Line

Jimmy Wayne Breaks Foot 5 Miles From MMH Finish Line

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Carter)

Just 5 miles from the finish line of his Meet Me Halfway campaign to raise awareness for homeless teens, Jimmy Wayne has broken his foot. From the looks of his Twitter, Jimmy is pushing through the last 5 miles regardless of the injury. He tweeted the following…

Resting on a city bus bench in Scottsdale AZ! The pain is unbearable! The fever is back as well! Is this an omen from the devil? Geez

WalkD as far as I could walk 2day. LayD on the concrete;N so pain; they picked me up; I’ll walk the last 5miles N2 Phoenix in the am. Thx

Going to a (doctor) podiatrists. I can’t believe this! 5 miles from the finish line & I can’t hardly walk! This is unreal!

Dr. Allan is opening his office on his day off. Arizona State Trooper Officer Lam helped facilitate this special appointment

Dr. Brian Allen, DPM 2919 S.Ellsworth RD Suite 117 Mesa, AZ 85212 determined I broke my right foot from walking down hill

DR. Brian Allen donated his services in support of project #MMH. Please send him a thank you note/email. (No phone calls please)

Dr. Allan gave me a big boot & powerful meds! Should be a fun show tonite for real lol! Heading to finish the 5 miles

I’m literally on my last leg! Lol GIVE ME THEM MEDS!!!!!!!

I’m asking every1 to log ontowww.projectmmh.org & become a MMH Street Team member. Please Meet Me Halfway! Thanks for all your support

This is absolutely incredible… we’re sorry for Jimmy’s injury, but completely admired by his strength and dedication!