Jimmy Wayne to Film ‘Meet Me Halfway’ Documentary

Jimmy Wayne to Film ‘Meet Me Halfway’ Documentary

Last year, Jimmy Wayne set out on the “Meet Me Halfway” project on a 1,700-mile trek to help raise awareness of teen homelessness, a cause that is near and dear to his heart. Wayne is once again hitting the road, this time i25productions, Inc., a Colorado-based film company, will accompany him on his journey. Cameras will document the walk and everything he experienced along the way as he walked halfway across the United States. According to Taste of Country, in addition to retracing portions of his walk, they will also speak with some of the people he met on his life-changing journey.

“We’ll be doing some extensive filming,” Wayne tells Taste of Country. “This documentary is no joke. It’s not like me taking my HD camera and capturing stuff from the walk. We’re going to use my footage as well, but this is a very professional documentary. It’s going to be a recap of my walk, but what i25productions is going to do is all get in the car and drive the route I walked, stopping at certain landmarks, staying in places I stayed and interviewing people I met along the way … just documenting all of it.”

Jimmy Wayne’s conviction for awareness on teen homelessness is admirable and can’t wait to see this sure to be heart wrenching, eye opening documentary.

Although “Meet Me Halfway” does not have a release date, Wayne’s new studio album (that was inspired by his “Meet Me Halfway” walk) is set for release later this year. Visit projectmmh.org for more informtion.

-Jodi A., CMIL Contributor