Jo Dee Messina Joins Babble Voices Team as Regular Blog Contributor

Jo Dee Messina Joins Babble Voices Team as Regular Blog Contributor

Multi-platinum, award-winning singer/songwriter Jo Dee Messina has joined the Babble Voices team as a regular blog contributor to Jo Dee will be the first musician to write for the acclaimed, hugely-popular parenting site. The “Backstage With Fumbling Mom” blog debuted Sunday, July 1, with weekly posts to appear every Sunday forward. This news follows the successful launch of Jo Dee’s own humorous parenting blog, “Fumbling Mom.”

Much like Jo Dee’s “Fumbling Mom” blog, her first Babble Voices blog post will discuss her perspective on being a parent, fumbling her way through each day and new challenges as she learns how to balance being a mother of two–to three-year-old Noah and 20-week-old Jonah–and maintaining a career to provide for her family.

“I do the best I can as a mom,” Jo Dee says. “Some days are hard, some days are easy. All days are rewarding. I try to write about things I learn or observe with a humorous approach. I find it fulfilling, as do my readers. I am not an expert. They know that. I am just like them, fumbling my way through motherhood, hoping I don’t mess it up.”

“We’re thrilled that Jo Dee is joining us at Babble Voices,” says Catherine Connors, Babble’s Director of Blogs & Social Media. “She’s brought wit and heart to her music, and, since becoming a mom, has made a name for herself with her warm and funny reflections on motherhood at her blog, Fumbling Mom. We’re looking forward to Jo Dee bringing that heart and humor, and her rich insight into the music of motherhood, to our community.”

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