Joe Nichols “Twitter-View” Recap

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Joe Nichols “Twitter-View” Recap

Joe Nichols

We had the opportunity to do a live “Twitter-View” with Joe Nichols last night. We talked about everything from his new album to his old socks…He’s got a GREAT sense of humor! Here it is in case you missed it…

CMIL: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and our readers. Let us know when you’re ready to get this started.

Joe Nichols: OK. I’m ready to get started. How are you guys?

CMIL: We’re great on this #musicmonday! Now on to the questions…

CMIL: Your new album OLD THINGS NEW hits stores Oct.27 what’s the significance of the title? It’s interesting.

Joe Nichols: It’s all about my socks. Just kidding. The feel of the album is retro, but with a fresh sound. So hopefully we can make traditional country new again

CMIL: Trying to make classic country new again, did you have any particular influences?

Joe Nichols: superman, merle, webster. george strait. what was the main character of thunder cats? snarf? optimus prime from transformers

CMIL: It’s been 2 yrs since ur last release… have you spent the whole 2 yrs working on the music?

Joe Nichols: In a roundabout way. yeah. i was in the studio from last may/june. it’s been well over a year.

CMIL: You’ve got a great sense of humor…We’ve seen that in your songs. Will we see that on the new album as well?

Joe Nichols: no the humor has died. along with all the fun and good in this world…yeah there’s humor on this record. the real humor is what happens behind the scenes.

CMIL: A fan, @okiemom1, says: “you are the funniest guy in Nashville; but does your wife appreciate your sense humor?”

Joe Nichols: i think she’s probably following right now .. i love my wife very much, she has a great sense of humor.

CMIL: Another fan,@marylou_soulfan, would like to know who your dream duet partner is.

Joe Nichols: megan fox. can she even sing? i have no idea. nevermind wife is watching. merle haggard.

CMIL: Lauren from Chicago wants to know…”Has your hair become less wavy over the years or do you straighten it?”

Joe Nichols: the effects of getting older. no, it’s really just shorter.

CMIL: fans are asking us about “Goodbye To An Old Friend” – they want to know if it’s being released as a single?

Joe Nichols: anything that has enough demand for it will probably make its way to the public.

CMIL: Lauren from Chicago also wants to know…”Assuming that money is not an option. What is your dream car?”

Joe Nichols: a transformer? optimus prime? probably a ferrari enzo. or the oscar meyer wiener mobile. like to have one of those.

CMIL: One last question – Dolphins or Colts? (In honor of Monday night football)

Joe Nichols: in the water i think the dolphins would kick the colts ass. i’m going to go with the horses on land, the fish in the water.

CMIL: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! We know you have to get to your video chat, so have fun! Thanks again.

Joe Nichols: thanks for twittering!