Julianne Hough On Her Country Music Career: ‘I’m Not Gone’

Julianne Hough On Her Country Music Career: ‘I’m Not Gone’

It’s been quite a while since country music fans have heard any new music from Julianne Hough. After releasing her self-titled debut album in 2008, Hough went out to tour with superstars such as Brad Paisley and George Strait. She even took home the title of Top New Artist at the 2009 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Her last attempt at releasing a single wasn’t as successful though. Julianne’s 2010 release, “Is That So Wrong,” didn’t chart at country radio and the music video was removed from all online outlets because it was thought to be ‘too sexy.’

Since then, the 23-year-old has been focusing on her acting career. So far she’s been cast in films such as “Burlesque,” “Footloose,” “Rock of Ages,” and most recently, “Safe Haven.” While Julianne admitted that “something was missing” from her country music career during an interview last fall, she still hopes to continue making music. In fact, her second album has been finished for quite some time.

“It’s completely done,” Hough tells The Boot. “I was really, really looking forward to the record and we released one single from it and it didn’t do too well. Then ‘Footloose’ came about, and everything has been having a lot of momentum with my films. Once you’re on the train, you better ride it so I’m here doing this and I’m loving it. I feel like when I have the time to focus on it, and when I feel like it is the right time, [I’ll return to] my music. I love performing. If I’m not performing, there’s something missing in my life. I hope it will happen sooner rather than later, but I’m not gone.”

There you have it. Hough isn’t finished with her singing career.

Until “the right time” comes around, fans can catch Hough on the silver screen. “Rock of Ages” is in theaters now.