Julianne Hough Talks “Dancing”, Movies, Relationships, and “Twilight”

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Julianne Hough Talks “Dancing”, Movies, Relationships, and “Twilight”

Julianne Hough

Ryan Seacrest had the chance to chat with Julianne Hough at Monday’s night New Moon premiere in LA. During the interview Hough revealed that she won’t be back for season 9 of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

“No I'm not [coming back] next season,”she said. Seacrest followed up by asking her if she’d ever consider going back at all and she said, “We're going go cross that bridge when we come to it.”

When asked if she was single, Hough simply replied, “Um, technically,” and went on to compliment her ex-boyfriend Chuck Wicks by saying, “He’s great, he’s amazing… we went [to the CMAs] together.”

Hough also dished on her new movie, Burlesque, in which she stars opposite Cher and Christina Aguilera.

“It’s so awesome. We just shot last week for the first couple days, and basically I’m completely battered and bruised, and it looks like I have rug burn all over my body,” Hough said.

So, here’s the burning question that all the Twi-Hards (Hardcore Twilight fans) are dying to know…is Julianne on Team Edward or Team Jacob?

“I'm Team Edward. [He's] more mysterious,” she said.

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