Changes Coming To Season 3 of ‘The Voice’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Changes Coming To Season 3 of ‘The Voice’

“The Voice” producers will be adding a new layer to the hit show during Season 3. Next season, there will be a new round, called “The Steal,” which will allow judges to steal singers who have been cut during the head-to-head rounds.

The judges panel, which includes Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera, will start with 16 contestants, who are selected when the judges have their backs to them. The battle rounds follow and bring the teams down to eight. Each coach will then add two singers who have been released from the other coaches during “The Steal Round.” Once the judges have ten contestants, they will take the field down to five during a Knock-Out Round, where each contestant sings their own sing while the next one sits in a boxing ring. Live competition will begin at the end of October.

Carson Daly, who hosts and produces, compared the new round to fantasy football. During the first two seasons, he watched contenders get cut who were really good and says the new round will get the judges to take a hard look at their entire team, as well as the other coaches teams. “It becomes an incentive to look at your team and the rest of the league,” he said.

“The Voice” creator Mark Burnett also hinted that this season may be the last that the original four judges are together. There haven’t been any contracts signed for season four and it is likely that the show may resume in the spring when all four will be touring.

“It’s your seat for life,” Burnett said, promising to the coaches that any replacements would be only for a season. “If someone goes on tour, they can help bring in another coach.” While the show does benefit from having four actively touring coaches, Burnett said that makes the job so much more difficult. “This is the producers’ nightmare … They have tour dates and they have an obligation to their fans.”

To hear more about the changes from Carson Daly, watch the video below:

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