Recap: “Twitter-View” With Ashley Ray

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Recap: “Twitter-View” With Ashley Ray

Ashley Ray

Last night we had the opportunity to do a “twitter-view” with Ashley Ray. Here’s a recap of our chat in case you missed it…

CMIL: So, tell us about your new song, “Dirt Cheap”…you got help from Eli Young (@MikeEYB)on this one right?

Ashley Ray: yes i did! “dirt cheap” is mike’s fav song i do, so i asked if he’d like to come n 2 the studio and sing on it, he did a great job!

CMIL: He’s a great person to work with! Did you write the song? If so, how did you come up with the idea?

Ashley Ray: this song is 1 on my record i didnt write! but the first time i heard it, i KNEW i would do anything to record it, its so powerful! and i think every woman i know can relate to it, i most certainly can!

CMIL: Oh wow, so you do a lot of songwriting then….what inspires your to write music?

Ashley Ray: writing is basically therapy 4 me. ive been n love with every aspect of music for as long as i can remember, songwriters especially. i feel like anyone can sing, but not everyone can pour their heart out into a 3-4 minute piece of art 🙂

CMIL: VERY true! That’s talent, we wouldn’t even begin to know how to write a song! You recently moved from Nashville to Texas, right? Why did you chose to make the big move to the Lonestar State?

Ashley Ray: i have a lot of friends in the texas music scene, so i thought why not jump at the chance to play some shows with them. at the end of the day i just wanna be on the road playing my music, no matter where that may be.

CMIL: How is the Texas music scene different from the one in “Music City”?

Ashley Ray: thats a convo to have over coffee,VERY different.i will say im 1 of the only girls i see posted on these bar walls nite after nite. its a mans business but i’d like to think im hanging right in there with the boys 🙂

CMIL: We hear it’s SO different from what we see on a day to day basis, we’ll have to come check it out sometime!

Ashley Ray: Seriously, get on down here!!! 🙂

CMIL: @BootStompinGal wants to know who your dream tourmate would be.

Ashley Ray: dream tour mate?? just one? willie nelson!!

CMIL: Now on to a few fun questions….If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?

Ashley Ray: garfield, he gets to lay around all day eating lasagna without a care in the world, im ready to lay around for a bit. 🙂

CMIL: What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Ashley Ray: couples retreat….wouldnt recommend it, vince let me down.

CMIL: What’s the last song you downloaded to your ipod?

Ashley Ray: a bruce springsteen song called “land of hopes and dreams” people n my hometown love it, so im gonna play it 4 them wed nights show

CMIL: Where did you grow up?

Ashley Ray: Lawrence, Kansas, home of the ks jayhawks, u might’ve heard of us, we kick a** at basketball 🙂 i grew up on a farm outside of town, not a day goes by that i dont miss it!

CMIL: How would you describe your music/sound in 5 words or less?

Ashley Ray: strong, honest, edgy, heart & soul

CMIL: Fans can purchase “Dirt Cheap” on iTunes tomorrow…when can we expect more new music from you?

Ashley Ray: keeping my fingers crossed for spring of 2010. this business has a mind of its own, promise we’ll be working hard to get it out there no matter what!!

CMIL: In honor of the upcoming holiday…what’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal? How do you plan to spend Turkey day?

Ashley Ray: my favorite part is being with my family, im ridiculously close to them! i will spend it @ my home in ks with them…and i like my popo’s mashed potatoes too!

CMIL: Well, thanks again for taking the time to chat with us! We’re glad you made it! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!

Ashley Ray: no,THANK YOU!!! thx 4 loving country music & doing what you do! sorry i was late! have a wonderful holiday, keep in touch!!

You can purchase Ashley’s new song, “Dirt Cheap”, featuring Mike Eli from the Eli Young Band, on iTunes today (click HERE to purchase it). To learn more about Ashley, visit her official MySpace. You can follow her on Twitter HERE and you can get a FREE Ashley Ray download HERE.