Recap: “Twitter-View” With Jessica Harp

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Recap: “Twitter-View” With Jessica Harp

Jessica Harp

We did a “Twitter-View” with Jessica Harp last night! We chatted about her new single/video, her favorite tv shows, her new tattoos and MORE! Here’s a recap incase you missed it…

CMIL: Thanks for joining us this evening! Let us know when you’re ready to get started 🙂

Jessica Harp: Absolutely! I’m ready when you are!

CMIL: We asked your fans to send us some questions & we have a lot to choose from!

Jessica Harp: That’s awesome! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! 🙂

CMIL: We just saw your brand new video today – love it! Did the tattoo that you got in honor of the video hurt more than your other tattoos?

Jessica Harp: Thank you! No, actually the 3 stars were small, quick and easy. I’ve had WAY more painful tatts!

CMIL: Your new single is called “A Woman Needs”… What do you think a woman REALLY needs in 5 words or less?

Jessica Harp: Confidence, Dreams, Laughter, Love….&….Shoes!

CMIL: LOL! Do you have a giant shoe collection?

Jessica Harp: Haha, I’m actually embarrassed by my shoe collection. But hey, I love em! 🙂

CMIL: Has the whole process of putting together a new album been a lot different as a solo artist compared to being part of a duo?

Jessica Harp: For sure! In a duo, everything is collaborative. Solo, the weight of making a great record is entirely on my shoulders!

CMIL: Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of your solo album- how do you plan to celebrate the album release?

Jessica Harp: Good question! I’m so tired of waiting that when it’s finally out, there will be a BIG party! And maybe a beach vacation. 🙂

CMIL: Sounds like fun! Count us in! 🙂

Jessica Harp: Awesome! The more the merrier!

CMIL: You were quoted as saying “A Woman Needs” means more to you than any other song on the record… what makes it so special to you?

Jessica Harp: It was the first song written for the record, so it set the tone. I love the message – I relate to it…It was what I was feeling beginning my new journey after The Wreckers. We all need ‘a few second chances’ 🙂

CMIL: Absolutely! Now we’re going to ask a few more fan questions…

Jessica Harp: Perfect! Bring ‘em on!

CMIL: Amber wants to know what’s your current favorite song is, aside from “A Woman Needs,” of course 😉 ?!?

Jessica Harp: Hey Amber! Hmm, let’s see. I’ve been on a Jason Aldean kick and “The Truth” is such a great song!

CMIL: Sara would like to know if you’re already planning on getting more tattoos… and if so, what will it be?

Jessica Harp: Yes Sara, I’ll definitely get more! I am planning a back piece that will tie in the ones already on my back..Much to my mother’s dismay, of course! 🙂 Haha

CMIL: Adam asks…You’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of artists/celebrities, has meeting any one of them left you starstruck?

Jessica Harp: Reba, hands down. She was my idol when I was little! We were at the ACM Awards and she told me I looked beautiful! I think I stuttered some sort of response. I’m sure it wasn’t very eloquent!

CMIL: Aww, we love Reba!

Jessica Harp: I know, she’s so amazing!

CMIL: Leslie wants to know: What are your favorite tv shows?

Jessica Harp: That’s easy Leslie! The Office, Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice. Thurs nights are TV nights for me.

CMIL: Yes! Those are the best! How about your favorite movies?

Jessica Harp: Oh gosh! That’s a tough one. I think THE THING CALLED LOVE and WAITRESS. But I’m a movie nut…those are just 2 of many!

CMIL: One last fan question….Are you a football fan?….Colts or Saints?

Jessica Harp: Gonna have to go Saints. I’m a Chiefs girl and the Colts are big rivals. But my hubby is from IN so we have a split house 🙂

CMIL: We don’t want to take up too much of your time, so thanks again for joining us tonight! We really enjoyed it!

Jessica Harp: Thanks to all the fans that submitted questions – they were good ones!! It was fun! Thanks for inviting me to do this! You guys are great. 🙂

CMIL: You have some great fans!

Jessica Harp: Yes I do!!

Harp’s debut solo album will be released soon. You can follow her on Twitter HERE. For more information on Harp, visit her official website.

Check out the video for her brand new single, “A Woman Needs”….