Shaine Got Up Close & Personal With Jake Owen- Thanks To Twitter!

Shaine Got Up Close & Personal With Jake Owen- Thanks To Twitter!

Shaine had a great story for us! Check it out:

As we all know Jake is obsessed with Twitter. And recently he’s been doing things for the fans at each tour stop. Well I was hoping that he would do this very thing in my city! As luck would have it, I was off the day he came to town with Alan Jackson, 4/24. So I went and did some errands “across the water” from me, and then ventured over by the venue with the hopes to locate Jake.

Around midnight he had sent out a message stating that he was going golfing that morning, and wanted to know who cared to join him. Exact message: “Where are all my VA friends. We r on our way. Playing golf in the morning. Wanna play?” So it was off to check out the golf courses. When I didn’t run into any luck, I headed back home for lunch. While out to lunch, I received the next message: “Beautiful day in Norfolk, VA. Perfect day for giving away tickets and VIP passes. Details to come.”

So it was off to pick up my friend, Heather, and her daughter, Lola, and headed back over. I was hopeful that he wouldn’t send the “details” until we were over near the venue. As luck would have it, he didn’t! We got there, and walked around the venue, sat down, and then ventured over to one of the restuarants, while walking past one of them I stated I bet you anything he’s at one of these places eating! We get to the restuarant, because my friend’s daughter, Lola had to use the bathroom. You know kids, when they have to go, they have to go!

Well wouldn’t you know it, just as we are done there, Jake sends out this message: “First person to bring me a copy of my favorite book,… Where the Wild Things Are… Gets VIP passes tonight in Norfolk for my show with AJ.” Talk about the gods being lined up for us, there was a book store RIGHT NEXT DOOR! So into the store I ran, running around this college bookstore in the hopes that they had some children’s books! As Heather and I scramble through this place, we FINALLY find some kids books, all 3 shelves of them. We find the book, and I’m off to the register. I would have paid $50 for this book at this time!

I get to the register, and there is only one cashier at the counter, and wouldn’t you know it the credit card machine is down! The clerk then tells us there is another register in the back of the store, and I’m off. I get there and I think maybe the other line may have been better! I was near ready to throw down $20 cash, and say I’ll be back for the change! But the lady in front of me seeing I look rushed lets me in front of her since I have cash. While waiting I expalin to her the reason I’m rushed. She thought that was very nice of him to do for his fans.

Finally after what seemed forever, I finally get the book paid for, and I’m out the door. I run up to the first person I find, who happened to be Jake’s drummer, and state where’s Jake, he twittered he wanted this book! He was astounded, as he had no idea, but I showed him the message, and he calls Jake. Jake tells him he’s at the pizza place around the corner (I KNEW IT!), and I’m off again, being a runner in school helps out! Poor Lola, she was trying to keep up with me! I go past the door at first, because I couldn’t find the door.



Finally one of Jake’s men open the door, and there he was, sitting at a table with some friends. He was a bit taken aback that I got the book to him so fast. He stated to me that only took 16 minutes! We talked with him for alittle bit, Lola told him she didn’t want his autograph, she wanted Dale Jr’s! He told me the reason he wanted the book, was it was his favorite book as a child, and some of the guys on his bus had never heard of it! So he wanted to read the book on the bus to them! How funny! Who hasn’t heard of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things are?! He took a photo with Lola, and one with all of us. He asked us if we had tickets for the show, and I state no we did not. So he had his guy give us 5 tickets, and meet and greet passes. Heather really isn’t a country music fan, but humors us some of the time, her dad is a big Alan Jackson fan, so she was happy to get him a ticket to the show. Once we left, as we didn’t want to take up too much of his time with his local friends, we headed back home, to change for the show.




I was worried, as traffic here can be a mess! A 20 minute trip can take you 2 hours if you hit it wrong! But we got home in record time, and back on the road quickly. We got back to the venue with an hour to spare, and got something to eat. While we were eating, our phone started ringing, and we were told Jake was talking about us on the radio! So we headed back over to the venue, and found Jake at the radio station booth. When he walked by me he recognized me, and said did you get your passes? To which I stated yes, thank you very much! After which he gave me a hug, and kissed me on the cheek! I was stunned. But after that it was like we became instant celebrities! Everyone heard him talking about us. It was fun. We had 5 M&G passes, but unfortunately Heather’s father couldn’t make it in time, so being nice, I walked around trying to find a Jake owen fan. Most were Alan fans, so it was a little hard to do. Finally inside the venue, we see a girl buying a Jake t-shirt, and looking at our passes. So I ask her if she’s a Jake fan, to which she states YES! I wanted to ask them a few questions to make sure, but we just didn’t have the time, so I just handed her the pass, and said follow us! She enjoyed her extra perk. And it’s nice to do something like that for another fan!

He gave us great seats! I only wish other artist gave comp seats as good as we got from him! Heather’s father never made it to the show. It was a wonderful show, Alan Jackson, whom I’m not a big fan of, was good. But I enjoyed my day of twitter and Jake Owen! It was me wanting to find him that day, and I did! Heather & Lola got dragged along with me. She had no idea who he was, but agrees he’s a really attractive man! And so personable. His smile is just as amazing in person. Just a little tidbit, in the M&G, there was a little girl, about 2, who was playing in the seats while we waited. When Jake came in, he ventured over to that aisle, and she saw him and took off! She hid behind her mom, and would not have any part of him! It was to cute. There was easily 50 people in the M&G, and they told us 1 photo, 1 autograph per person, but he signed everything I had. And continuously told me thank you for the book.

Thanks for sharing, Shaine!

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