Two Daughters Is Just Perfect For Jason Aldean

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Two Daughters Is Just Perfect For Jason Aldean


(Jason Aldean, his wife Jessica, and daughter Keeley)

OK! Magazine recently caught up with Jason Aldean to find out all about his family life back at home. Jason and his wife, Jessica, have two daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, and Jason gushes that being the only male in the house is just fine with him! “I like having two daughters 'cause they're close to their daddy, that's why,” he says. “I'm a softie anyway, and after my first daughter was born, I was hooked. I really wanted another one – another girl. And there's nothing cooler to me than being a parent, and girls are sweet and innocent – at least right now. I've always heard that girls end up being closer to their dad the older they get, and I'm hoping that's the case.”

So with all the love from his little girls will Jason and Jessica being trying for another one? “I would love to have more, but we're not going to,” the Big Green Tractor singer told OK! “My wife had complications with the last one that we had, and they actually advised us not to. Plus, we were done. We only wanted two anyway, so we're good. There's people out there who can't have one, and that would've been tough, but we've got two healthy ones, and my wife's healthy now. We don't want to chance it by trying to have another one, so we're happy.”

Staying busy with two kids plus being out on the road touring, Jason says that it’s important for him and Jessica to find some time to themselves once in a while. “I don't know if she'd consider it romantic, but I do,” Jason said as he recalled a recent night out. “We went to the Braves game. We had a little date night, and so we drove to Atlanta. We got a babysitter and we drove down to Atlanta, hung out and watched the Braves game, went to dinner, stuff like that. I don't know if it was romantic, but that's about as romantic as I get.”

One more key for the couple: always telling each other ‘I love you.’ “You leave the house, and you're going to be away from each other, and you never know what could happen,” he says. “I could get in a car wreck on my way here or something. That's one of our things. We always tell each other that if we're leaving.”

Jason continues to spend some time away from his favorite girls as he tours the country promoting his music. You can see a full list of his tour dates HERE.