Two New Albums Coming From Dierks Bentley

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Two New Albums Coming From Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley - CountryMusicIsLove

Dierks Bentley has plenty of work to do to stay busy over the next few months! Dierks is getting ready to dedicate his time on not one, but TWO new albums that are due out next year. The first album will be a follow-up to Feel That Fire, while the second one will be a bluegrass album. Dierks explains “Every album I’ve done has had a bluegrass song on it, so I don’t think it’s a surprise that someday I was going to make a bluegrass record. I really want to take some time to work on two records and make them career records, and then get back on the road late spring.”

Before heading out on a big tour again in the spring, Dierks tells The Boot that he’d like to do another “High Times and Hangovers” tour. “That’s where we go out and do small rock bars and get down and dirty,” Dierks said. “But this will be the first time Cody (Cody Canada, lead singer for Cross Canadian Ragweed) hears about it because I haven’t called him about doing it. I’d like to do that with them sometime in the spring, then hit the fairs and festivals in the summer and do a headline tour next fall.”

2010 will no doubt be a very busy year for Dierks… maybe it will be the year that he gets some long overdue industry recognition!