Maddie & Tae Team Up with ONE Jeanswear to New Demin Brand

When Maddie & Tae hit the red carpet at any country event, their ensembles always show off their true personalities in a fashionable way. Inspired by their own love of style, the country duo will work together with ONE Jeanswear to represent a new junior girls’ denim line called Black Daisy.

The ladies will stand as brand ambassadors for Black Daisy as it hits shelves in Macy’s Department Stores across the country. Their partnership with the ONE Jeanswear brand will also allow them to create their own pieces for Black Daisy later on this year. Giving yet another way to express themselves to their fans, Maddie & Tae will definitely take on their individual looks to represent their true personalities.

By the looks of the first promo shot, the girls will opt for those classic faded options of denim, complete with clean holes in the knees and assorted patchwork of different denim shades. While they sport skinny jeans in the first picture, they keep their outfits simple with Maddie wearing a loose white tee tucked in and Tae going a little edgy with an off-the-shoulder tied vintage shirt.

Back in June, Maddie & Tae made the move over to Universal Music Group Nashville in hopes of releasing their sophomore album. The duo last came out with a full-length project called Start Here, which spurred hits like “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fly,” in 2015.

Maddie & Tae are currently on tour, with dates in the U.S. and over in the U.K. Fans can go on their website for more details about their shows.