Watch Episode 3 of Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood’s ‘God & Family’

Find out their biggest fear as parents and more.

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Episode 3 of Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood’s ‘God & Family’
Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood; Photo via I Am Second YouTube

Superstar Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, continue opening up in the third episode of I Am Second’s God & Country series. And this time, it’s all about their private life and faith.

Sharing candid videos and photos as they explore the joy they’ve found through becoming parents, the couple highlight the bonds that keep their family together in heartwarming style. The power of morning cuddles, family dinners, prayer and more are all explained, but so is their greatest fear.

“Being a dad is hard to explain, everybody is trying to give you advice and tell you what to expect … but it’s the greatest thing ever,” says Fisher, the former professional hockey all star. “For me it’s trying to be that dad that my dad was to me, and to be the husband that he was to my mom.”

“Just to look at both of our boys and fall more and more in love every day, I still say to Mike all the time, ‘we have two kids!’ It’s a little mind boggling,” Underwood shares.

The series’ first two episodes focused on the early days of their marriage and the struggle through multiple miscarriages, as the stars uncover some of their most personal feelings. It’s all meant to address the big question, “In all the ups and downs of life and relationships, how do you find solid ground?,” and there’s still more to come. The final episode is set for next Wednesday (June 17) at 8/7c.

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