Alan Jackson Embraces the Aging Process With New Song, ‘The Older I Get’

The prospect of aging may be scary for some, but Alan Jackson is embracing it with his new song, "The Older I Get."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Alan Jackson Embraces the Aging Process With New Song, ‘The Older I Get’
Alan Jackson; Cover art courtesy UMG Nashville

The process of aging doesn’t always come easy, but in his new song, Alan Jackson is embracing the prospect in the best way he knows how. In the song “The Older I Get,” the iconic singer croons about the positive sides to his ride through life and how things change over the course of time.

“This song reflects a lot of how I feel these days,” said Jackson of the song written by Adam Wright, Hailey Whitters and Sarah Allison Turner. “It’s a good song; I really liked it, but the message was a little different when I first heard it. I thought maybe it could be a little more positive about being older and wiser and more content, so they rewrote a few things, and this is how it ended up.”

“The older I get / The more I think / You only get a minute / Better live while you’re in it / ‘Cause it’s gone in a blink,” sings the Georgia native. “The older I get / The more thankful I feel / For the life I’ve had / And all the life I’m living still.”

One of the positives of living a long, successful life is that Jackson is becoming one of the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Joining as this year’s Modern Era Artist, the honor is a dream come true for the iconic country performer.

In addition to his newly minted spot in country music history, Jackson will perform at the upcoming 51st annual CMA Awards on November 8.

“The Older I Get” will be featured on Jackson’s upcoming studio album, his first studio recording since 2015. The full project is expected for release in 2018.