Brothers Osborne Enlists Leslie Jordan To Save The Day In ‘I’m Not For Everyone’ Video

Leslie Jordan to the rescue with a little kindness! 

Written by Jeremy Chua
Brothers Osborne Enlists Leslie Jordan To Save The Day In ‘I’m Not For Everyone’ Video
Brothers Osborne; Photo credit: Natalie Obsorne

Country duo Brothers Osborne has released a music video for their spirited new single “I’m Not For Everyone,” featuring actor, comedian and new country hymn singer, Leslie Jordan. Part rowdy, part hilarious, and wholly wholesome, the clip does a fabulous job of encapsulating the song’s message of embracing one’s uniqueness to a T.

Directed by Wes Edwards and Ryan “Flash” Silver, it opens with a gleeful Jordan walking into a bar ridden with fights, disagreements and animosity while Josh and TJ Osborne perform their song on stage. Unfazed and unscathed by the sprawls, Jordan prances as the feel-good anthem plays. Ultimately, toward the end, the sprightly 4-foot-11 Will & Grace star becomes the bar’s special hero as his magnanimous heart and literal helping hand do the magic of restoring peace.

Of the video, TJ says that it was “way beyond what we could ever do.” Adds John, “We got our dear friend Leslie Jordan to be the protagonist and he is absolutely killing it. He doesn’t look like anyone here, and it doesn’t bother him. He sticks out like a sore thumb. The song is about not being for everyone, but the core of the song is about embracing that part of you, and Leslie does it perfectly. The concept they came up with is always way beyond what we could ever do.”

“We really lucked out working with the Bros,” Ewards continues. “They’re the type of artist that want to push you into weird territory, to really go for the odd concept.”

Brothers Osborne are currently out on their headlining We’re Not For Everyone Tour. The GRAMMY-nominated duo will hit almost 50 markets in total, including New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and more. Tickets are on sale now at