Chris Bandi Unveils ‘Backyard Sessions’ Acoustic Video For Heartfelt ‘Would Have Loved Her’

This performance of "Would Have Loved Her" hit us with all the emotions. 

Written by Jeremy Chua
Chris Bandi Unveils ‘Backyard Sessions’ Acoustic Video For Heartfelt ‘Would Have Loved Her’
Chris Bandi; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Rising country singer Chris Bandi has released a special, acoustic video to accompany his stirring new song, “Would Have Loved Her.” The video is part of ‘The Backyard Sessions,’ a series of special acoustic performance of tracks from Bandi’s new self-titled EP.

The video features Bandi and his guitar player delivering the heartwarming tune outdoors, at night, with a fireplace at the center. Audible crackling sounds of burning fire wood undeniably augment this smouldering visual, as wistful emotions flow from the singer’s tribute to his late grandpa, which he calls “a very special song.”

“I wrote [“Would Have Loved Her”] with my good friend Zach Kale.  I had this idea thinking about my grandpa who had passed away prior to me meeting my girlfriend, and just the thought that if he had met her, he would have loved her,” Bandi shared with Sounds Like Nashville.  

“I brought that idea in to Zach and he actually said that his father had passed away before he met his wife and I said, ‘I think I know what we are writing today.’ It’s a song that will always be special to me and I’m so glad that we wrote it that day.”

Chris Bandi’s self-titled EP is out now. The seven-track project features “Would Have Loved Her,” his debut radio single “Man Enough Now,” the anthemic “Free” and more.