Clare Dunn Releases Emotional New Song ‘Safe Haven’

"Safe Haven" is the first release from Clare Dunn at her new label.

Clare Dunn Releases Emotional New Song ‘Safe Haven’
Clare Dunn; Photo courtesy of Shore Fire Media

Country singer-songwriter and guitarist Clare Dunn has signed both a publishing and artist deal with Big Yellow Dog Music, making the move from Universal Music Group Nashville after almost six years.

Accompanying the announcement is her new song, “Safe Haven,” the first track delivered by Big Yellow Dog Music. The ballad features Dunn’s signature soulful vocals and serves as a special encouragement to fans during this trying time.

“I hope that you’ve found a safe haven wherever you are at this time in our country – whether it be a place you go to gather your thoughts, a person you turn to when things get tough, or the Faith you lean on in times of joy and trouble,” the singer said on Facebook. “I hope that this song can bring some comfort and peace to you, no matter what’s going on in the world outside.”

In a press statement, Big Yellow Dog Music CEO and co-owner Carla Wallace also shared the genesis of Dunn’s signing with the company. “I got a call from one of our BYD artists who told me they had been getting songs from Clare Dunn and asked if I had heard of her,” said Wallace. “I reached out and couldn’t believe all the hits she was writing. Her voice and sense of style grabbed me immediately. I’m excited to share her music.”

Last year, the singer released her electrifying single, “My Love,” and later enlisted rapper INGRID for a remix of the track.

Listen to “Safe Haven” now.