Curt Chambers Opens Up About Racism in Powerful ‘Different Views’

His thoughtful ballad asks everyone to imagine life from a different perspective.

Written by Chris Parton
Curt Chambers Opens Up About Racism in Powerful ‘Different Views’
Curt Chambers; Photo courtesy of Harmony Comet Guitar

Newcomer Curt Chambers embraces one of country’s central tenants in the powerful new track “Different Views,” sharing his experiences with racism in stunning honesty.

A vulnerable ballad exploring the different ways people experience the world, depending on the color of their skin, its lyrics paint a vivid picture of two separate worlds.

Right from the opening line, Chambers lays out the different surroundings, different daily lives and different possibilities that exist for people of different races, and asks listeners to try a sort of thought experiment — to imagine their own life from a different perspective. His passionate vocal is more pleading than preaching while thoughtful production adds gravity to the message, as Chambers builds up to the hook “We’re on the same rock, but we got different views.”

The emerging singer-songwriter called the track’s inspiration “a message from God” on social media, and says that he ultimately hopes it helps people understand each other better, no matter what they look like.

The Philadelphia native with a deep musical background has spent the last few years putting down roots in Nashville, blending elements of country, rock, soul and hip hop. His early releases include “Roll With It,” “Good Thing,” “Up In the Air” and more.