Dylan Brady Highlights The Beauty Of Romance On ‘Don’t Love A Girl’

This new one by Dylan Brady will make you go "awww."

Written by Jeremy Chua
Dylan Brady Highlights The Beauty Of Romance On ‘Don’t Love A Girl’
Dylan Brady; Photo credit: Dan Chuma

Rising country singer-songwriter Dylan Brady has released a new touching new song, “Don’t Love A Girl.”

The heartfelt ballad, penned by Brady, Claire Douglas, and Michael Whitworth, details the life-changing and beautiful things that happen when two people are in love.

“If you don’t want to get swept away in a burning mess and tidal wave curls / Don’t love a girl, don’t love a girl / ‘Cause she’s gonna line up your stars, unbreak your heart and light up your dark
So if you don’t want your life technicolor bright and you’re fine in your black and white world / Don’t love a girl,”
Brady sings tenderly on the chorus. Sonically, the banjo, guitar and gentle drum beats also bolster the song’s emotionally-rich sentiment.

“I fell in love with my best friend this past year and she’s changed my life forever, so I put it in a song” says the New York native, who also co-produced the track with Ilya Toshinsky. “I hope everybody can find a piece of their love story or their future love story in it… or just be reminded to keep their freezers full of ice cream.” 

“Watching Dylan put this song together was a really special experience” adds manager Alex Goodman. “He overcame the challenges of social distance writing and producing, and delivered a song, which in my opinion is the most emotional song he has released.”

Brady’s new song was also coupled with a heartwarming music video. The clip follows the life of two childhood best friends who eventually end up as a couple and set up a beautiful family together.

“Don’t Love A Girl” is the follow-up to the 22-year-old’s prior releases, which include the songs “Still Into You,” “When I Look at You,” “Boyfriend” and “I Hate California.” Listen to Brady’s latest and other new country songs on our New Nashville playlist below.