Dylan Jakobsen Spreads Good Vibes in Video for ‘Don’t Ya Think’

Check out the premiere of his positive-thinking performance video!

Written by Chris Parton
Dylan Jakobsen Spreads Good Vibes in Video for ‘Don’t Ya Think’
Dylan Jakobsen; Photo credit: Jonathan Sommer

Dylan Jakobsen spreads a message of stubborn positivity in official music video for his new track, “Don’t Ya Think,” finding reasons to smile in frown-able times.

Premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (4/6), the confessional heartland rocker is all about making the most of a bad situation — and that’s something Jakobsen says was basically his job last year.

“‘Don’t Ya Think?’ was my personal therapy through these past months,” he says of the feel-good jam. “The lyrics sing the tune of the motto I’ve been living by each day, just trying to make the most of all this time I’ve had at home. The real silver lining in all this madness is that COVID provided a fantastic outlet to be creative on a whole new level, through music and otherwise. I’ve also given a stronger effort into appreciating the daily things that surround us, many of which we tend to take for granted. And I gotta say, I love all the extra time to hang out and play fetch with the pups.”

Just as his career began picking up steam, COVID-19 forced Jakobsen off the tour trail, just like every other musician on the planet. But rather than watch the clock, he learned to go with the flow — and that’s exactly how “Don’t Ya Think” came out. A soulful country anthem with a hint of hopeful gospel flavor thrown in, it’s both easy listening and inspiring, and that’s all due to the artist himself. Jakobsen both wrote the song and produced it — a rare feat in modern music.

“This is real fun song to play,” he says. “It’s weird because going into the production process it felt like it would just be a kind of mid tempo ballad but when I sat down with it, there came this unexpected energy that emerged in the groove of the drums mixed with the Wurlitzer and organ lead. That spirit though is exactly what I wanted because it’s the point that the lyrics try to get after. Here we are stuck on this desert island in a year full of rain, just waiting on the sun to shine. And well while we’re here, dang it, why don’t we make the most of it? That’s what it’s all about.”

“See I’ve been trying to count my blessings / Trying to be a better man / Trying to wake up with the early birds / Instead of waking up who knows when / Catch up with the ones I love / Even the ones so far away / Laugh and cry and keep on smiling / And thank god there’s today / Even if that’s all we get / You’ll know you made the most of it / Don’t ya think,” goes the chorus.

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter shot a simple video to go with the track, echoing the less is more sentiment.

“The portrayal of ‘Don’t Ya Think?’ in the music video came across just as we had hoped for,” he says. “We shot it in a dark, empty warehouse building in East Nashville, and with a little fog and the light shining through the window, it really brings those lyrics to life. Finding the light in these times of darkness.”

Dylan Jakobsen has hit a number of rising artists to watch lists in the last few of years, and just before COVID-19 hit, premiered another positive-thinking video on SLN, sharing the thoughtful clip for “I Am.”

“Don’t Ya Think” marks the second song released from a new album titled Set Fire to the Night, which he says was pulled straight from his COVID-quarantine experience. He’s previously released the track “Beautiful,” and the new album is expected sometime in 2021.

“I hope when people listen to ‘Don’t Ya Think?’ or ‘Beautiful’ or what’s to come on the rest of this project, that they find the power in positivity like I did,” he admits. “It’s a mindset that starts as an idea and over time can help shape into a lifestyle for a lifetime.”