Eric Church Serves Time in Prison for ‘Some Of It’ Video

He's paying for the crimes of a "Desperate Man."

Eric Church Serves Time in Prison for ‘Some Of It’ Video
Eric Church; Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese

Eric Church does some hard time in the video for his reflective current single, “Some Of It,” spending the cinematic clip behind bars for the crimes of his “Desperate Man” preamble.

Opening with Church’s band posing for mugshots, the video finds the rebellious hitmaker in prison for stealing the master recordings of his own music and distributing it to fans (which was the plot behind his previous offering). Church isn’t completely without the comforts of home, though, and his young daughter hatches a plan to help dear-old dad. But rather than try to spring him out physically, Church’s daughter aims to free his creative soul.

In between emotional scenes which show the family exchanging letters, Church’s daughter sets to work disassembling his guitar and getting it smuggled into the clink. Some of his prison buddies and bandmates help get it to Church’s cell, and a sympathetic guard even provides a pack of strings. Then Church can finally get to work on what appears to be his daughter’s birthday present, taking phrases from her own letters to write “Some Of It” in her honor – all about the life lessons he’s had to learn the hard way.

The Reid Long-directed video is full of callbacks to “Desperate Man” and isn’t likely to be the final chapter of the saga, as a mysterious figure appears at the end to spread the word about Church’s eventual release… so stay tuned. Church is currently headlining his ambitious Double Down Tour, and premiered the “Some Of It” video at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium ahead of his Memorial Day weekend show – just before taking the stage to break the venue’s all time attendance record for a solo act. He’ll return to the stadium to perform during this year’s CMA Fest, slated to take over Nashville June 6-9, 2019.