Exclusive Premiere: Stephanie Quayle Takes A Trip To Montana For Scenic ‘By Heart’ Lyric Video

A stunning visual for Stephanie Quayle's romantic new single!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Exclusive Premiere: Stephanie Quayle Takes A Trip To Montana For Scenic ‘By Heart’ Lyric Video
Stephanie Quayle; Photo credit: Ford Fairchild

Country singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle has unveiled the lyric video for her new song, “By Heart,” and it is premiering exclusively here on Sounds Like Nashville.

In the picturesque clip, Quayle takes fans on a trip to Montana, where she highlights the scenic and captivating sights of her beloved home state whilst singing along to the tune. 

“We were out in my home state of Montana shooting for the Harley-Davidson ‘Horses to Horsepower’ series with my mom and video director Erika Rock, and this ‘By Heart’ moment just kind of happened,” Quayle tells Sounds Like Nashville. “When Montana wants to put on a show, you have to capture it. We had to grab this opportunity so I put in my earbuds, jumped into my dress and sang along to myself!”

“By Heart,” which dropped earlier this month, narrates the story of a woman completely swept off her feet by romance. 

”I wanna know you like my drive home / Know you like Sweet Caroline, ba-ba-ba / Wanna memorize the look in your eyes you get when / you’re looking into mine / Know you like my favorite movie,” Quayle sings effortlessly in the lush chorus. “Don’t know what you’re doing to me but I don’t wanna leave any question marks / I wanna know you baby / I wanna know you by heart.”

The track was penned by songwriters Anna Vaus, Cassidy Lynn Alexander and Ian Michael Christian, and later recorded almost entirely virtually during quarantine with producer Alex Kline.

“The lyrics that got me every single time were, ‘I want to know you like my drive home,‘ and ‘I want to know the jersey that you wore when you were seventeen.’ These were my words, like my own conversations with my husband,” Quayle shares. “When I think about the course of my life: finally finding love, falling in love, and knowing what that feels like, fully –to know someone ‘by heart’ is the ultimate love.”

Prior to this, Quayle released an acoustic EP, The Montana Sessions, and studio EP If I Was a Cowboy in 2020 and 2019 respectively. Both projects feature the songs “Whatcha Drinkin’ Bout,” “Second Rodeo,” and “If I was a Cowboy.”

Watch the captivating lyric video for “By Heart” above, and check out other brand-new country releases on our New Nashville playlist below.