Filmore Shares Details Of His Long-Awaited Debut Album, ‘State I’m In’

Get all the details on Filmore's debut record, 'State I'm In!'

Written by Jeremy Chua
Filmore Shares Details Of His Long-Awaited Debut Album, ‘State I’m In’
Filmore; Photo credit: Dove Shore

Country newcomer Filmore will be releasing his highly-anticipated debut album State I’m In on September 25.

Produced by Zach Abend, the 18-track project will recount [Tyler] Filmore’s life journey—from his engagement to longtime girlfriend Paige Korte this summer, to life as an artist and touring musician, and everything else in between. 

“This album is a look into my life over the last few years. It’s the ups and downs in relationships, experiences from my hometown, life on the road, and living in Nashville. I wrote every song from a real and personal place with amazing writers and friends,” Filmore shares in a statement. “My hope is that you can listen to this album from start to finish and know who Filmore is by the end.”

He adds, “Knowing that these songs relate to others, to help them get through a break-up, or celebrate love, or just let them enjoy a night out with friends, is why I made this album. State I’m In can be a state of mind or a specific location that helps you remember a moment in your life. For me, every one of these songs represents a moment in time that made me who I am today.”

The Wildwood, Missouri native moved to Nashville in 2011. Over the years, his sheer hard work and determination has won him a sizable fan base, just as an independent touring artist. In 2018, Filmore’s banjo-led groovy anthem “Slower” started gaining massive traction on Spotify. The genre-blurring tune, which fits right in betweem traditional and pop country, has since become one of the singer’s signature songs, amassing a total of 31 million streams on the streaming platform alone to date. 

In 2019, Filmore signed a record deal with Curb Records, joining the likes of Lee Brice, Rodney Atkins, Mo Pitney and more. 

State I’m In drops on September 25, and will include previously released songs “London,” “Busy,” “Other Girl,” his forthcoming new radio single “Nothing’s Better,” and more. Fans can pre-save and pre-order Filmore’s debut record HERE.