Jake Hoot and The Tenors Share ‘When Christmas Has Come and Gone’

Check out this harmony-stacked holiday ballad.

Written by Chris Parton
Jake Hoot and The Tenors Share ‘When Christmas Has Come and Gone’
Jake Hoot; Photo credit: Stacy Hoot

Former Voice champ Jake Hoot and Canadian vocal group The Tenors team up for candlelit instant-classic on “When Christmas Has Come and Gone,” a new tune released today (November 19).

Basking in the best of the holiday spirit, it’s all about keeping the inner warmth of the season going all year round, and it features a stop-you-in-your-tracks vocal presentation.

Co-written by Hoot with Marty Goetz and The Tenors — Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray — the Tennessee native tells People he’s always wanted to write a Christmas tune, and the fact that he’s done it with The Tenors is a perfect full-circle moment. Hoot first got to know the group after he and his coach/mentor on Season 17 of NBC’s The Voice, Kelly Clarkson, performed The Tenors’ arrangement of “Wintersong” on national TV, and they’ve all kept in touch ever since.

“We were flattered that they decided to use our arrangement of it. We were kind of blown away. It was a big surprise,” Micallef told Everything Nash of the Hoot and Clarkson duet, which he called “stunning.” “He is a phenomenal singer. Whatever training he’s had, it’s such a great voice. We love hearing him. We love to see where he’s going. But beyond that, his personality, he’s just a wonderful, wonderful human being. Salt of the earth. And we’re so happy that this friendship began.”

On “When Christmas Has Come and Gone,” four voices combine in inspired harmony as Hoot’s twangy grit meets The Tenors’ silky smooth style, all wrapped for the season in a classic piano melody and home-for-the-holidays lyrics.

“It’s the joy of children’s faces, knowing they believe / It’s a gathering around the table with our family / Sharing all the memories of our loved ones who have gone / These are the gifts that still live on, when Christmas has come and gone,” goes the chorus.

“Christmas is my favorite time of year, for so many reasons. I love the magic that fills the crisp winter air,” Hoot says. “The smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls, celebrating the birth of Jesus, having the family all home and the memories we get to make together. … I love the tradition of it all, and I feel that this song encompasses so many of the important things of what makes Christmas, Christmas.”

Looking ahead, Jake Hoot will perform “When Christmas Has Come And Gone” on the Grand Ole Opry November 23. He will also perform with The Tenors during The Kelly Clarkson Show’s holiday programming, and virtually on The Tenors ‘Santa’s Wish’ Christmas Tour. His current single, “Night Left,” is out now.