Jake Hoot Serves Up Rowdy Summer Anthem, ‘Night Left’

All it took was the slang "aight bet" to inspire this song!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Jake Hoot Serves Up Rowdy Summer Anthem, ‘Night Left’
Jake Hoot; Photo credit: Jonathan Volk

Rising country singer Jake Hoot is ready to turn up the summertime heat with his new song, “Night Left.” Featuring rollicking drum beats, electrifying guitar riffs and Hoot’s powerful vocals, the tune serves as a welcomed party anthem this summer.

“Aight bet / We got a half moon pull parking lot  / A little bail ya out if the cops show up / A little hell we can sleep when we’re dead / And a whole lotta Night Left,” Hoot sings on the chorus, declaring that he’s not ready to quit a darn good time.

Of the songwriting process, the singer/songwriter shares, “When I sat down to write this [song] with Danny Myrick and Kylie Sackley, I had a phrase in my head that my brother-in-law had said to me a few weeks before. We were talking about something and he said, ‘Aight Bet.’ I of course was like what the heck does that mean? Lol. He (19-years-old) explained to me that it meant ‘alright, bet that I won’t do it.’”

“It just stuck with me and I really wanted to include it in the song,” he adds. “Danny and Kylie helped to incorporate it at the perfect time and the crowd has really been loving it. We knew we had to release ‘Night Left’ as a single when we would play it in a live show and see people dancing and singing along even though they had never heard it!”

“Night Left” is the follow-up release to Hoot’s EP, Love Out of Time, which dropped earlier this year. The five-track set features the emotional title track and “I Would’ve Loved You,” a soaring, soul-stirring duet with music superstar Kelly Clarkson.

The winner of Season 17’s The Voice is gearing up to open for Alabama and Darius Rucker this month. But before that, he will be celebrating the release of “Night Left” with his fifth Grand Ole Opry performance tonight, July 23. Fans can tune in to the show live via WSM radio here.