Jet Jurgensmeyer Fights the Clock in Premiere of ‘Fast Forward’ Video

Check out the 16-year-old 'Last Man Standing' actor's latest single.

Written by Chris Parton
Jet Jurgensmeyer Fights the Clock in Premiere of ‘Fast Forward’ Video
Jet Jurgensmeyer; Photo credit: Riker Brothers

With his latest single, “Fast Forward,” 16-year-old country singer Jet Jurgensmeyer knows the waiting is the hardest part. The romantic anthem is all about wishing the clock would speed up so he and his sweetheart could fall in love for real, and its new video captures that slow agony.

Co-written by the young guitar-slinger and actor with Bridgette Tatum and Jessie G, the smitten country-rocker finds Jurgensmeyer stuck in romantic limbo. He’s old enough to know how he feels, but too young to truly do anything about it, and that’s a dilemma many can relate to. With smoldering guitar solos and a vibrant young vocal, Jurgensmeyer counts down the hours … dreaming of a remote control button that could make time fly.

Meanwhile, the teenaged talent filmed the track’s video in the Californian desert, capturing the painful emotional isolation of not being able to follow your heart. It premieres on Sounds Like Nashville today (June 30).

“We shot this video out in California with The Riker Brothers,” Jurgensmeyer says. “I love the way it turned out and think that it fits the song perfectly! I was very blessed to have written ‘Fast Forward’ with Bridgette Tatum and Jessie G. They are both so talented and I am so grateful that they have taken me under their wing and helped me become the writer I am today.”

After getting his onstage start as a 3-year-old at the Nashville Palace, which his parents used to own, Jet Jurgensmeyer is best known for his co-starring role as Boyd on Fox’s Last Man Standing. His previous single, “Real World” came out in 2018, and he’s made a splash with covers of country hits like this video for Old Dominion’s “Make It Sweet.” Jurgensmeyer also portrayed a young Jason Bateman on Netflix’s Ozark, and has done voiceovers for shows on Disney Junior, Nickelodeon and more.