Kassi Ashton Wears the Handcuffs of Heartbreak in ‘Hopeless’ Video

She's ready to escape a self-imposed but all-too-real prison.

Written by Chris Parton
Kassi Ashton Wears the Handcuffs of Heartbreak in ‘Hopeless’ Video
Kassi Ashton; Cover art courtesy of UMG Nashville

Fresh face Kassi Ashton finds herself locked a prison of heartbreak in the video for her new single, “Hopeless,” wrestling with the handcuffs of a not-quite-true love.

Written by Ashton with Josh Kerr and Jason Saenz, the bluesy anthem of hard-knock pop is all about wishing you could let go but knowing you can’t — and its Kristin Barlowe directed clip brings the track to life. Filled with equal parts writhing despair and outright anger, it lets Ashton lash out against her metaphorical chains, finally feeling fed up enough to escape her self-imposed torment.

“I wanted to visually show the mental asylum we put ourselves in when we feel hopeless and alone,” Ashton says. “That’s where the stark room and bare mattresses come from, sort of an alternate mental version of your bedroom where you cry over a lost lover. It’s my favorite video I’ve ever done.”

“Maybe I should hope less / Then maybe I could care less / Maybe I could call you just an ex-cuse for all the stupid shit I do / Maybe I should fear less / Then I could drop a couple tears less / Take a few degrees off of this hot mess / Stop leaving this last time dress on your floor / And be a little more hopeless,” goes the anguished chorus.

Ashton spent much of the end of 2019 on tour with Maren Morris, and is out now with Jordan Davis on the Trouble Town Tour. She’s released a number of stand-alone singles, including last year’s evocative “Pretty Shiny Things” and “Field Party.”