Maren Morris Celebrates Unshakeable Love in ‘To Hell & Back’

Powerful new single arrives just as she becomes a mom.

Written by Chris Parton
Maren Morris Celebrates Unshakeable Love in ‘To Hell & Back’
Maren Morris; Photo credit: Harper Smith

Maren Morris tributes a love that can’t be shaken in “To Hell & Back,” dropping a powerful new single just days after becoming a mother.

Filled with deep-feeling lyrics about the kind of love that creates its own courage, the delicate track features a sophisticated roots sound — built on atmospheric guitars, piano, string-bending steel and Morris’ angelic vocal. It’s the third single from Morris’ award-winning Girl album, and it arrives alongside a major milestone in the Texas native’s life.

Having just welcomed birth of baby boy Hayes Andrew on March 23, the impassioned ballad now feels like a celebration of the new family she and husband Ryan Hurd have created.

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30 hours of labor ended with an emergency c-section… not what we planned but I learned pretty quickly that night that having a plan for bringing a human into the world is a fool’s errand. All that mattered was that he got here safely. Having him in the middle of a global health crisis was also not in the baby prep books, but here we are. Holding him and healing my body in a maternity ward that’s eerily quiet from us not being allowed visitors or family at this time, but strangely serene. All we hear are monitors beeping and the coos of our infant son. Maybe the sound of the 100th episode of The Office @ryanhurd and I have binged while in here. The admiration we have for the doctors, nurses + healthcare professionals that took care of Hayes & me during our stay cannot be measured in this post. They risked their health every day to make sure ours was okay. I can’t think of anything more selfless than that. Ultimately, I can’t thank every single mother enough for going through what you’ve gone through because I had NO idea how hard it could be, and I’m a measly 4 days in. The world is changing before our eyes and so am I. That’s been a peaceful thing to cling to during these uncertain times. Thinking of you all. 🖤

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“You didn’t save me / You didn’t think I needed saving / You didn’t change me / You didn’t think I needed changing / My wings are frayed and what’s left of my halo’s black / Lucky for me, your kind of heaven’s been to Hell and back / To Hell and back,” goes the vividly colored chorus.