Old Dominion Release Three Pack of ‘New Old’ Songs

Check out "I'm On It," "Can't Get You" and "Goes Without Saying."

Old Dominion Release Three Pack of ‘New Old’ Songs
Old Dominion (Geoff Sprung, Whit Sellers, Matthew Ramsey, Brad Tursi, Trevor Rosen); Photo Credit: Mason Allen

Old Dominion have released a batch of new material that’s actually pretty old, digging into the vault for a three pack of unreleased tracks.

“Cheers to you guys getting some new music … old music,” front man Matthew Ramsey told fans on a video chat livestream Thursday (May 28), hoisting a shot of tequila to celebrate the news with band mates Brad Tursi and Geoff Sprung. “You guys are gonna get to hear some songs that didn’t make it on to Meat and Candy or Happy Endings,” Tursi added.

True enough. First up is the sleek and somber “I’m On It,” which was originally recorded for the band’s debut album, Meat And Candy, but was ultimately replaced for their hit “Song for Another Time” at the last minute.

Likewise, a live version of “Can’t Get You” appears on their second album, Happy Endings. But the guys “abandoned” a studio recording of the track until now, fleshing out the rocker with crunchy guitars and a quick-talking hook about the distractions that can never replace the one who got away.

And finally, “Goes Without Saying” stands as the “oldest new song” of the bunch — a heartfelt dose of regretful, laid-back country that was meant for an independent EP before the band signed their record deal.

Those new (old) tracks now join Old Dominion’s current single, “Some People Do,” which in turns follows the the tender 2019 Number One, “One Man Band.” In April the band released a big-hearted video for “Some People Do” and highlighted the Men’s Groomer Foundation, a non-profit charity which gives free haircuts to the homeless.