Trace Adkins Announces New EP ‘Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy’

Exclusive autographed packages are available for pre-order now!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Trace Adkins Announces New EP ‘Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy’
Trace Adkins; Photo Credit: Chase Lauer

Trace Adkins is set to release his brand-new EP Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy on October 16 via Verge Records. The six-track project, produced by Bart Butler, marks Adkins’ first body of work since his 2017 full-length album, Something’s Going On.

“It was great to work with Bart and Mickey Jack (Cones) on these handpicked songs from some of my favorite writers,” Adkins said in a statement. “I’m really proud of these songs and looking forward to what’s to come.”

Trace Adkins; Cover art courtesy of Verge Records

“We released Trace’s first two songs on Verge starting in March of this year,” President and COO of Verge Mickey Jack Cones added. “Those songs have garnered millions of streams and views in just four short months – more than any songs in his career in that span of time – proving what we already knew. There is a huge demand for Trace Adkins’ music! This EP is an answer to that demand and is sure to leave the listeners wanting more. Get ready…it’s coming!”

Adkins has also coupled the announcement with a new feel-good, honky-tonkin’ track, “Just the Way We Do It.” Prior to this, the country singer also previewed the forthcoming EP with “Mind on Fishin'” and its lead single, “Better Off.”

Fans can pre-order the EP and exclusive autographed packages now at Trace Adkins’ official store.

Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy EP track list:

  1. “Better Off” (Hillary Lindsey/Corey Crowder)
  2. “Mind on Fishin’” (Aaron Raitere/Wynn Varble)
  3. “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy” (Justin Lantz/Stephen Wilson)
  4. “Big” (TJ Osborne/John Osborne/John Pierce)
  5. “Running Into You” (James Slater/Tony Lane)
  6. “Just The Way We Do It” (Jeffrey Steele/Danny Myrick/Kip Raines/Bart Allmand)