Watch Jake Hoot and The Tenors Reunite With Kelly Clarkson

Watch their 'artful' rendition of 'When Christmas Has Come and Gone.'

Written by Chris Parton
Watch Jake Hoot and The Tenors Reunite With Kelly Clarkson
Jake Hoot & The Tenors perform on Opry Country Christmas in 2021.

After first connecting on the set of NBC’s The Voice, Season 17 winner Jake Hoot and Canadian vocal group The Tenors have reunited with coach Kelly Clarkson.

The gang recently got back together for a Christmas-y stunner on The Kelly Clarkson Show — and it came with an artful twist.

On hand to perform their original song, “When Christmas Has Come and Gone,” Hoot and The Tenors — Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray — wrapped the majestic splendor of the season in a thick coat of vocal harmony. Featuring a vivid layering of voices, and the timeless theme of making the Christmas spirit last, they once again make the holiday season feel special … and the setting didn’t hurt.

Performing from inside the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the artists matched the beauty of their new song with the famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. With snow lightly falling and brushstrokes swirling behind lush harmony, it’s like watching a dream come to life.

“When Christmas Has Come and Gone” was written by Jake Hoot, Marty Goetz and The Tenors, and produced by Danny Myrick. Hoot won Season 17 of The Voice in 2019 and it was there that he first met the vocal group, who’s rendition of “Wintersong” was performed by Hoot and coach Kelly Clarkson live on the primetime show. After striking up a friendship and writing the song, Hoot and The Tenors are now performing it at select shows — including a recent appearance on Opry Country Christmas which reportedly earned them a standing ovation.