The Bobby Bones Show’s Lunchbox and Wife Welcome Baby Boy

Hearing Lunchbox talk about his baby has us all emotional! 

Written by Lauren Laffer
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The Bobby Bones Show's Lunchbox; Photo via Instagram

It’s official – The Bobby Bones Show’s Lunchbox is a dad!

After months of anticipation, the morning show co-host and his wife rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning (7/17) to deliver their baby boy. Leading up to the delivery, the couple had no idea what they were expecting, only finding out once their new addition made it safely into the world.

“The doctor grabs the baby and lays it on my wife,” Lunchbox, nee Dan Chappell, recalled of the intense moments after delivery during a phone call on The Bobby Bones Show. “My wife and I hold the baby and kind of touch the baby and then we look and Baby Box is a… boy!”

Boy or Girl? #BabyBox with tiny diapers!!!

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While the couple was thrilled to bring their son into the world, the first-time parents were nervous that he arrived six weeks early. Not sure of what to expect, they were quickly reassured after talking to doctors.

“I was nervous when the water breaks six weeks early, but after talking with the doctors and them going over everything, I feel 100 percent confident because they said the baby looks great for being six weeks early. I have to take the doctors’ word and they got great nurses and doctors down there, so I’m pretty confident,” he said eagerly on the phone.

For now, Baby Box, as he’s been nicknamed, will spend time in the NICU, receiving oxygen and other treatments to make sure his lungs are fully developed and ready for the outside world.

Go time….6 weeks early…#BabyBox

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One of the most special moments for the new dad was getting to announce the gender to his waiting family. Lunchbox was moved while talking about the experience, breaking down on the phone as he talked about the experience.

“At first, they just thought they were just going to rush him to the NICU, but he was doing so well that my wife actually got to hold him, so that was really cool. She was really upset that she wasn’t going to be able to hold him but she got to hold him for maybe a minute. Then they said, okay now we have to take him to the NICU and then I walked down the hall with him. Man, my mom and dad and my in-laws and my sister-in-law were waving at me. I texted them and said we’re coming because they didn’t know if it was a boy or girl either. So, they were down at the end of the hall and I just got to announce it. I got to announce that we had a boy and it was pretty cool,” he explained while fighting tears.

The road to parenthood wasn’t easy for the couple, who, like many others, struggled to get pregnant. It was after a year and a half of trying that they finally learned they were expecting a child of their own.