Brett Young Introduces Fans to His New Baby Girl, Rowan Marie

Her name is absolutely adorable!

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brett Young Introduces Fans to His New Baby Girl, Rowan Marie
Brett Young; Photo credit: The Riker Brothers

Brett Young is now a girl’s dad times two as he and his wife, Taylor, welcomed their new little girl into the world on July 21.

The “Lady” singer announced the happy news on social media, sharing a precious picture of his sweet newborn. His daughter looked so peaceful and pretty wrapped up in a pink bow for the photo, in which Young also let fans know her cute name.

“Rowan Marie Young. 7-21-21. I thought my heart was maxed out. I usually don’t like to be wrong…… I was wrong. And I can’t wait to thank you properly for the opportunity to be your daddy. I already love you so much and I can’t wait to watch you and your sister become best friends,” Young explained on Instagram.

In the adorable social post, Young also made a guarantee to his bundle of joy that they would love her unconditionally and her 1-year-old sister, Presley, has been waiting for this big moment to arrive.

“FYI….. the women in your life are super heroes and you’re the luckiest lady alive. Presley has been begging for you. Be prepared for me to mess everything up and your mom and sister to always be there to fix it. I love you. Welcome to the ‘Youngs,'” he concluded, signing off with his title of ‘Daddy.’

Young admits he is still learning the ropes when it comes to being a father, but is loving every second of it along the way. He hopes he can appreciate the little things in life even more now that Rowan is in the world.

“It’s challenging because I’ve never been a woman, I don’t know what her challenges are going to be in life, but that’s what ‘Lady’ was all about. She’s got her mama for that, so I just get to be the big ol’ dad that she runs and jumps in bed and watches cartoons with. It’s been perfect,” Young said to SLN and other reporters recently.

The country singer will get a little downtime with his family of four throughout the next month before he hits the road full-time on The Weekends Tour, which kicks off in Fort Worth, TX, on September 11. Fans can find more information about his upcoming tour dates on his website.